In order to explore the inner workings of our formats more thoroughly, I opted to create a mock-up creative that would feel more authentic than simply using coloured boxes. The inspiration for this idea came to me after watching the E3 trailer for Anthem. I was struck by the breathtaking finishing animation and felt motivated to try and recreate something similar.
Upon the first load, the animation immediately captures the users' attention, setting the tone for a captivating experience. Its design is intentionally crafted to emulate the aesthetic and atmosphere of the original trailer.
The video placeholder opens up a microsite, housing the full trailer for the game.
Using this particular format, I was able to highlight one of the limited pieces of information available at the time: the availability of four different suits or Javelins. Through a scrolling narrative, I presented each suit alongside a brief video clip, adding a touch of subtle motion without overwhelming the user.
View live demo (please disable your ad-blocker :) )

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